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Part 3

"Oh... my head..." Peach thought, "Where... wher am I!?"
"Where... where am I.. I.. I.. I.." an echo called out
She was standing in a giant purple room, in her normal clothes. Had that adventure, just been a dream?  Had she actually been captured by Fawful? Or is this reality now and she got kidnapped by Bowser?... again.

Suddenly there was a large green virus-like thing that appeared in front of her. Then it spoke, it spoke with a terrible lizard-y voice and it's words were:
"Hey boss! Another one."

"ANOTHER ONE!!?" Peach exclaimed "So, I am hypnotised by Fawful? Then, were am I?" she now thought.

Suddenly another of those virus-looking things (lets call them Fawful-Mites) standing right beside the first.

"What should we do with it?" asked Number 1
"Infect it!" commanded Number 2, "Just like we did to the 9868 others."

"Infect me?" Peach thought, "I've got to get outta here!!"
Peach ran, and ran and ran, then she banged against a squishy pink wall. Suddenly, Peach realized where she was... she was inside her own brain.

"Wait a second.. my brain... what I think comes here right?" Peach said.
"Force Field.. Force Field.. Forse Field.." she repeated that thought over and over, until finally, a huge pink force field covered Peach. But someone else was controlling her thoughts too. She got tied up by nobody, and gagged by no one.

"Mmph! Mmph!!" screamed Peach. Then she smelled something, this gag had a toxin on it, jellyfish toxin, that paralyzes at touch, and he gag kept moving, moving her body. She touched the toxin with her nose and froze on the ground. Paralyzed.
The two Fawful-Mites then went over and broke the force field down. They walked over to Peach, gagged and tied (in a very un-comfertable position) and forced to stare at them. First, the two Fawful-Mites whacked Peach with thier tails to flip her over, then in the neck, Number 2 bit her. Instantley, she turned totally green. Her dress ripped apart, leaving only a tube-top shape and a pair of shorts. Her clothes then turned green-ish red and her eyes turned from blue to green. She lost her crown and her hair got tied up in a ponytail and died black.

Peach and Samus were following Fawful to this room. The door said "Slave Storage" on it in big green letters. They walked in, only to find that there were atleast 20 slaves!

"Ahh, beautiful, aint it?" said Fawful
"Yes Master, very beautiful." said Peach and Samus in a robotic tone.

Some of the slaves would've been very recognizable, including Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda), Princess Daisy (Mario Tennis), Princess Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy), Kim Possible (Disney's Kim Possible), Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon), Pauline (Donkey Kong), Samus' younger self (Metroid: Other M), Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo), Dawn (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl), May (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire), and Hikari (Pokemon Leafgreen/FireRed).

Fawful then whistled and all the slaves came in order.

"Now, that I have my 20th slave, we can begin the extensive project!! Chor-tihles!" said Fawful

"Wonderful Master!" said every slave in the room.

"But first, a few potions are in order.. Come into this room and step on this conveyer belt. Get in order from newest slave to oldest slave. Meaning Samus in front, and Hikari in the back!" said Fawful as he walked into a room.
There were machine that gave poitions as needles, as drinks as foods! Wow! Samus went first. First was a yellow needle potion. That one seemed to drain Samus of her speed and agility. The next was a purple potion, that seemed to make her breasts get twice as big. The next was a green potion in a cup, that one gave Samus the 7-musts of Kung-Fu. The final one was black, and it was in a machine. Samus went into the machine and came out with a black ponytail, with a green scrunchie that said "FAWFUL'S SLAVE".

Once everyone went, everyone was karate chopping, wall jumping, testing out thier new powers. It also seemed that everyone had thier own special power. Here's some of them:
*Peach could now turn into a paper-like form.
*Samus could turn into a ball and roll around.
*Zelda could fire small fire bullets from her fingers.
*Princess Daisy could make herself shrink as small as a daisy and grow again.
*Rosalina could create "Fawfas", Fawful's Luma.
*Kim Possible could blind people with a special beam from her eyes.
*Sailor Moon could fly.
*Pauline has the strength of a gorilla.
*Young Samus was stronger, faster and could subdue temperatures under -98642 degrees ferenheit.
*Daphne Blake could stretch her arms upto 6 metres long.
*Dawn could send out a Pipful, Fawful's Piplup.
*May could turn into a puddle and back again.
*Hikari could make people forget stuff just by touching thier forehead.

"Yes.. the ultimate prize would soon be mine! The hypno-chime!" said Fawful

Part 3 of 5.

All people (c) their original owners
All slaves' minds (c) Fawful
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