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Hypnotised Slave 2 by Crudzalot88
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SotU Profile: Princess Peach
Full Name: Peach Toadstool
Slave Number: 9026374
Occupation: Princess
Love Interest: Mario Mario
Home Town: Mushroom Kingdom
Peach was the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom prior to being a slave. Her love interest was Mario, who has a brother named Luigi. Peach has been captured countless times by Bowser, multiple times by Bowser Jr., once by Count Bleck, once by Clacketta, once (excluding now) by Fawful and once by Petey Piranha.
For more info, please visit
:iconcrudzalot88:Crudzalot88 1 0
Slaves of the Unknown Part 3
Part 3
"Oh... my head..." Peach thought, "Where... wher am I!?"
"Where... where am I.. I.. I.. I.." an echo called out
She was standing in a giant purple room, in her normal clothes. Had that adventure, just been a dream?  Had she actually been captured by Fawful? Or is this reality now and she got kidnapped by Bowser?... again.
Suddenly there was a large green virus-like thing that appeared in front of her. Then it spoke, it spoke with a terrible lizard-y voice and it's words were:
"Hey boss! Another one."
"ANOTHER ONE!!?" Peach exclaimed "So, I am hypnotised by Fawful? Then, were am I?" she now thought.
Suddenly another of those virus-looking things (lets call them Fawful-Mites) standing right beside the first.
"What should we do with it?" asked Number 1
"Infect it!" commanded Number 2, "Just like we did to the 9868 others."
"Infect me?" Peach thought, "I've got to get outta here!!"
Peach ran, and ran and ran, then she banged against a squishy pink wall. Su
:iconcrudzalot88:Crudzalot88 3 3
Slaves of the Unknown Artwork1 by Crudzalot88 Slaves of the Unknown Artwork1 :iconcrudzalot88:Crudzalot88 3 7
Slaves of the Unknown Part 2
Part 2
"Oh no!" Peach thought, "If they find me awake then I'll be chained up!"
Person 2: Do you think any of the prisoners have waken up yet?
Person 1: Well, of course one of them has! I can sence it.
"Once again... oddly familiar.." Peach thought
Just then, there was some grunting. Peach turned around and Samus was waking up.
Person 1: Let's see... The key for Cell 2, Cell 3, 4, 5, 6... Where's the key for Cell 1!?
Person 2: You ate it..
Person 1: Oh... right... let's see here... Cell 2 key.
The cell door slid open, and two shady figures walked in. Peach thought one could be Bowser, do to it's body shape, but was mistaken when she heard it talk. Peach knew who the midget was: FAWFUL!
Peach: Quick Samus! Lay on the ground someone's coming!
Samus: Ugh! Oh...
Fawful: Midbus! Are these prisoners still in my trance?
Midbus: No Fawful. They are not!
"How could they have found out...?" Peach thought about it for a few seconds.. "We're not glowing!"
Fawful: Get the chains re
:iconcrudzalot88:Crudzalot88 2 5
Slaves of the Unknown Part 1
Part 1
One day, Princess Peach and Zero Suit Samus were brawling at Final Destination. All of a sudden the was an enormous explosion. The two girls looked at the explosion, only to see that Master Hand was coming out of it. It held something in it's hand. Then, he slightly opened his hand and a green and yellow beam shot straight for Peach and Samus. Due to Samus' speed she could easily dodge it, but Peach wasn't so lucky. POOF! Peach started glowing green and yellow but she couldn't move, like she was in a trance. Samus kept dodging those beams, they came left and right, over and over! Samus dodged each and every one until... she couldn't move. All thoughts that she had a moment ago were clouded, what had happened? She was hit by one of the beams. Now, like Peach, she was in a trance-like state. But who was their capture?
As Peach slowly gained consiousness, she could see that they were in a huge labratory. She looked around only to find Samus, still glowing and in a
:iconcrudzalot88:Crudzalot88 5 1
WheredaheckisMario? 1
-Link: O.O MARIO!?
*Link picks up a phone randomly placed near him*
-Mario: Let's-a-go save the princess!
-Link: Hello.. Hylian News? Yeah, I've got a story.. yeah.. okay.. uh-huh...
-Person on the other end of phone: Please Hold....
-Link: Yeah.. sure.. okay...
*25 years later*
-Person on other end of phone: Please hang-up or press tone for more options.
-Link: This has been a lame few years...
*Link runs off of the Bridge of Eldin just to see a huge sign saying "HYLIAN NEWS STUDIO: JUST 9100 MILES
:iconcrudzalot88:Crudzalot88 0 0
Peach's Epic Finale by Crudzalot88 Peach's Epic Finale :iconcrudzalot88:Crudzalot88 1 0

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Most of my favourites are DiD (Damsel in Distress) pics. Here are some great ones!!





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